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HSC Exam 2024: Organization of Commerce and Management Important Questions Here | Exam Helper

HSC Exam 2024,HSC Exam Practice,HSC Commerce Exam,Commerce Exam,

HSC Exam 2024,HSC Exam Practice,HSC Commerce Exam,Commerce Exam,

Organization of Commerce and Management


  • All Questions give only for practice purpose.
  • Our team does not guarantee that these questions will appear in the exam.
  • We have prepared the following questions for students to practice.
  • We hope that some of the following questions will appear in the exam.
  • The following questions are for your practice - do not take a copy of this question and do not copy it. Exam Helper

Q.1 Objectives                                                                                                                         [20M]

1.A. Select the correct option and Rewrite the sentences                                                            [5] 

1.B. Give one wood/phrase/term which can Substitute each of the followings                          [5] 

1.C. State whether the following Statements are True or false                                                   [5] 

1.D. Find the odd one,                                                                                                                 [5]

         Ext. Arrange in proper order, 

        Ext. Match the pairs, 

        Ext. Correct the underlined word and rewrite the following sentences:

Q.2 Explain the following teams/Concepts. (6 Given) (Any 4 )                                              [8M]

(Coming Soon)

Q.3 Study the following Cage / Situation and Express Your opinion. (3 Given) (Any 2)    [6M] 

(Coming Soon)

Q.4 Distinguish between the following. (4 Given) (Any 3)                                                  [12M] 

  1. Life Insurance and fire Insurance 
  2. State Commission and National Commission 
  3. District Commission and National Commission 
  4. Planning and Directing and staffing. 
  5.  Fixed Deposits account and Saving Account 
  6. Traditional business and E-business 
  7. Fire Insurance and Marin Insurance 
  8. Sole Trading Concern and Partnership firm
  9. Road Transport v\s Rail Transport 
  10. Partnership firm and Join Stock Company

Q.5 Answer in brief. (3 Given) (Any 2)                                                                                   [8M] 

(Coming Soon)

Q.6 Justify the following Statement. (4 Given) (Any 2)                                                           [8M] 

  1. Business services are necessary.
  2. Principle of Equity is Important.
  3. Business organizations have responsibilities towards different Interest group.
  4. Entrepreneur must be good communicator. 
  5. Principles of Management are flexible in nature.
  6. Promotion plays an Important role in marketing. 
  7. Outsourcing is Important / Advantages 
  8. Features of Sole Trading Concern 
  9. Explain in the Characteristics of Entrepreneur

Q.7 Attempt the followings. (3 Given) (Any 2)                                                                        [10M] 

  1. Explain types of warehouse?
  2. Explain Process of online transaction?
  3. Explain any five Points of Importance of Planning.
  4. Explain Significance of Principles of management. 
  5. Describe Any five Points of Importune of Staffing. 
  6. Explain various concepts of market.
  7. State the Social Responsibilities of Business organization towards government.  

Q.8 Answer the following questions. (2 Given) (Any 1)                                                          [8M]

  1. Explain Importance of marketing to society and firm. 
  2. Explain types of marine Insurance policies 
  3. Explain means of Consumer Protection 
  4. Define Bank Explain Different types of Bank. 
  5. Write short note on Henri Fayol's Principles of Management 
  6. Explain in Detail the 7P's of Marketing. 
  7. Define ‘co-operative society’. Explain the features of a co-operative society. 
  8. Outsourcing in Detail

Note: Some Question Mixed. Please try to solve all Questions.

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