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Std. XI - Model Annual (Activity Sheet ) - Exam Helper

Std. XI - Model Annual Activity Sheet (Activity Sheet ),EnglishXI,Exam,Class 11,

Std. XI - Model Annual Activity Sheet

Std. XI - Model Annual Activity Sheet
Std. 11th   Sub.- English  Marks-80  

Note: Find a answer in English text book. ( As soon as possible share another answers)

Section I – Prose 

Q.1 (A)  Read the extract and complete the activities given below.   (12)

Tiger Hill towers majestically above all other mountaintops in its vicinity. Although located almost 10 kilometers north of the Srinagar-Kargil-Leh highway, the enemy position on this mountaintop dominated parts of this highway. After the recapture of Tololing and the adjacent features, evicting the enemy from this well-fortified position became a priority.
            As the sharp triangular top of Tiger Hill was clearly visible from the highway, and appeared almost impossible to capture, the media had projected the entire episode as a national challenge.
            Brigadier M.P.S. Bajwa, commander, 192 Mountain Brigade, assigned the mission of capturing Tiger Hill to 18 grenadiers, now rested and recouped after their achievements at Tololing and Hump, and to 8 Sikh, which was already deployed at its base. Both these units were assisted by a crack team from the High Altitude Warfare School, with maximum possible artillery, engineering and other combat support.
Throughout the last week of June 1999, 18 Grenadiers probed to establish the extent of the enemy’s defenses and to scout for suitable routes for the assault. A simultaneous multidirectional assault emerged as the best strategy. The commanding officer of 41 Field Regiment drew up an elaborate artillery fire plan. Individual guns were ranged so as to cover each objective. Bofors guns were used in a direct firing role once again, with inspiring accuracy. On the day of the assault, nearly 120 field and medium guns, 122-mm multibarrelled Grad rocket launchers and mortars rained death and destruction on the enemy at Tiger Hill. The Air Force, too, targeted Tiger Hill on 2-3 July, and hit the bull’s eye several times during its missions.
     For the first time in India’s military history, a TV channel covered the battle live: a sign of progress and transparency, not to mention the on-screen depiction of confidence. The Tiger Hill feature extends about 2200 meters from west to east and about 1000 meters north to south. The main extension is towards the west, on which there are two prominent protrusions. The first, approximately 500 meters west of Tiger Hill, had been named ‘India Gate’, and the second, ‘Helmet’ (located another 300 meters away). Approximately one company of 12 Northern Light Infantry (Pakistan) held the whole feature.

A1. Global Understanding   (2)
Describe Tiger Hill in brief.

A2. Complex Factual             (2)
1) Tiger Hill is located almost --------------------------------of the Srinagar-Kargil-Leh highway.
2) -----------------------------guns were used in a direct firing.
3) The Air Force targeted ------------------------------------ on 2-3 July.
4) Brigadier M.P.S. Bajwa was ------------------------------- of 192 Mountain Brigade.

A3. Point out                          (2)
Point out the new change that happened in India’s military history.

A4. Personal Response          (2)
List the things that are essential to win a war.

  • Lose battles but win the war. People will inevitably get the best of you at times. 
  • Know your enemy.
  • Overwhelm resistance with speed and suddenness.
  • Control the dynamic.
  • Hit them where it hurts.
  • Defeat them in detail.
  • Expose and attack your opponent's soft flank.
  • Envelop the enemy.

A5. Language Study               (2)
1) Both these units were assisted by a crack team from the High Altitude Warfare School, with maximum possible artillery, engineering and other combat support. (Change the voice)

Ans:  A crack team from the High Altitude Warfare School assisted both these units, with maximum possible artillery, engineering and other combat support.

2) A simultaneous multidirectional assault emerged as the best strategy. (Change into past perfect tense)

Ans:  A simultaneous multidirectional assault had emerged as the best strategy.

A6. Vocabulary                       (2)
Make a word register for “War”.
Ans: Battle, military, infantry,weapons

B) Language Study               (4)

1) Do as directed.                  (3)

a) Ram is one of the smartest boys.
(Choose the correct positive degree transformation from the following alternatives)
i) Ram is a smarter than most other boys.
ii) Very few boys are as smart as Ram.
iii) No other boy is as smart as Ram.

Ans: ii)  Very few boys are as smart as Ram.

b) Sharyu is so clever that she will solve any problem.
(Choose the correct use of ‘enough’ for this sentence.)
            i) Sharyu is clever enough that she will solve any problem.
            ii) Sharyu is clever enough so she will solve any problem.
            iii) Sharyu is clever enough to solve any problem.

 Ans: iii) Sharyu is clever enough to solve any problem.

c) Without music, they will not start dance.
(Choose the correct use of unless for the given sentence.)
            i) Unless there is music, they will not start dance.
            ii) Unless there is no music, they will not start dance.
            iii) Unless there are no music, they will not start dance.

Ans: ii) Unless there is no music, they will not start dance.

2) Spot the error.            (1)
The list of items are on the desk.

AnsThe list of items is on the desk.

Q.2. (A) Read the extract and complete the activities given below.   (12)  
            I have mentioned the names of some of the great ones of those times. One of the greatest of these, I have not yet mentioned. His name was Socrates. He was a philosopher, always searching for truth. To him, the only thing worth having was truth and he often discussed difficult questions with his friends and acquaintances, so that out of the discussions truth might emerge. He had many disciples or chelas, and the greatest of these was Plato. Plato wrote many books which have come down to us, and it is from these books that we know a great deal of his master, Socrates. Evidently, governments do not like people who are always trying to find out things: they don`t like the search for truth. The Athenian Government- this was just after the time of Pericles- did not like the method of Socrates, and they held a trial and condemned him to death. They told him that if he promised to give up his discussions with people and changed his ways they would let him off. But he refused to do so, and prepared the cup of poison, which brought him death, to giving up what he considered his duty.

A1. Global understanding    (2)
Choose two statements from the options which do not describe Socrates.     
1) Socrates was a philosopher.
2) He often discussed easy questions.
3) Plato was his greatest disciple.
4) He was a politician.

Ans2) He often discussed easy questions.

A2. Complex Factual           (2)
Complete the following sentences with the help of extract.
1. He often discussed difficult questions so that ------------
2. He was commanded to stop ---------------------------------

Ans: 1. He often discussed difficult questions so that he was tention.
         2. He was commanded to stop his discussions with people and to change his ways.

A3. Analysis                          (2)
Describe the qualities of Socrates.

A4.Personal Response         (2)
“To him the only thing worth having was truth.” Give your opinion about this thinking.

Ans: The truth is the only thing worth having, and, in a civilized life, like ours, where so many risks are removed, facing it is almost the only courageous thing left to do.”

A5.Language Study        (2)

Do as directed.                                                                                                    
1) It is from these books that we know a great about his master. (Make it simple sentence)

Ans: We know a lot about his teacher from these books.

2) Plato wrote many books. (Rewrite in Past perfect tense)

Ans: Plato had written many books.

A6. Vocabulary                   (2)

1) The word `emerge` means-
a) come out     
b) become clear          
c) become easy

Ansa) come out    

2) A philosopher is a person----
a) Who is interested in studies.
b) Who is a lover of wisdom.
c) Who is philanthropic by nature

Ansc) Who is philanthropic by nature

(B) Summary Writing    (3)
Write a brief summary of the above extract with the help of the points given below and suggest a suitable title.

Socrates – the greatest philosopher—truth having worth --- Plato, a disciple--Government condemned him death---preferred death as his duty.

AnsSocrates is one of the few individuals whom one could say has so-shaped the cultural and intellectual development of the world that, without him, history would be profoundly different. He is best known for his association with the Socratic method of question and answer, his claim that he was ignorant (or aware of his own absence of knowledge), and his claim that the unexamined life is not worth living, for human beings. He was the inspiration for Plato, the thinker widely held to be the founder of the Western philosophical tradition. Plato in turn served as the teacher of Aristotle, thus establishing the famous triad of ancient philosophers: Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Unlike other philosophers of his time and ours, Socrates never wrote anything down but was committed to living simply and to interrogating the everyday views and popular opinions of those in his home city of Athens. At the age of 70, he was put to death at the hands of his fellow citizens on charges of impiety and corruption of the youth. His trial, along with the social and political context in which occurred, has warranted as much treatment from historians and classicists as his arguments and methods have from philosophers.

C) Mind Mapping         (3)
Read the following paragraph and complete the diagram given below.

               Books have always been man’s best friends. There are books on various topics. They can be grouped under different categories namely literature, expository, philosophical and reference. Stories, dramas, novels, one act plays and poetry all come under literature. Books that provide information are expository type. They include history, geography, sociology and politics. Philosophical books deal with religion and theology. Reference books deal with variety of needs. They include books like a dictionary or a collection of idioms and phrases, world records, facts and figures etc.

       Section II – Poetry

Q.3.A) Read the extract and complete the activities given follow.   (10)

Sitting in a porch way cool,
Sunlight, I see, dying fast,
Twilight hastens on to rule.
Working hours have well-nigh past.
Shadows run across the lands:
But a sower lingers still,
Old, in rags, he patient stands.
Looking on, I feel a thrill.
Black and high, his silhouette
Dominates the furrows deep!
Now to sow the task is set.
Soon shall come a time to reap.
Marches he along the plain
To and fro, and scatters wide
From his hands the precious grain;
Muse I, as I see him stride.
Darkness deepens. Fades the light.
Now his gestures to mine eyes
Are august; and strange; his height
Seems to touch the starry skies

A1.Global Understanding   (2)

The poet has observed the sower closely. Express the in your own words the reverence the poet has for the sower.

Ans: The poet notices the sower for the first time when the twilight sets in. The sower captures the poet‟s attention because the working hours are over, but the sower is still working hard in the field. As the poet continues to observe the sower, he realises that the sower is committed to his work. The sower‟s silhouette against the twilight sky makes his form dominate the deep furrows. The poet‟s reverence increases when he sees the sower striding across the field in order to scatter the grains far and wide, despite the deepening darkness. For the poet, the actions of the sower are dignified because he knows that the sower was not sowing only for himself, but for everyone else. He persevered so that others could enjoy the fruits of his hard work. The poet‟s respect for the sower increases manifold and he sees the sower as being tall enough to touch the skies.

A2.Analysis                         (2)
Explain:- ‘Old, in rags, he patient stands.’

Ans: The twilight sky is making the place so beautiful. The poet says that there is nothing in the land but for the shadows that spread all over the places, that is, dark images and over shadows  are spreading all around the nature. Suddenly, the poet sees one sower who is standing alone in the fields. The sower stays there and is standing patiently. He is in his old rags
‘Old in rags, he patient stands’ this line says about the old sower and his cloths, how muddy and tattered it is; however, the poet is much thrilled to see the sower's peaceful and calm in the field.

A3.Personal response          (2)
Write down the essential things required for sowing seeds in the farm.

Ans: Seeds, water, land, money, proper distance between the seeds, and some tools.

A4.Poetic devices                 (2)
Find and write any two examples of personification from the extract. Give their explanation.

Ans: Sunlight I see dying fast, the dying used in the sentence is a personification as the sun cannot die, the setting of the sun is stormed as dying.
Shadow run across the lands is also personification used in the sentence as the shadows do not run like the humans. The word run is the personification used in the sentence.

A5.Poetic creativity            (2)

Add two poetic lines to make the rhyme scheme : a b a b
Sitting in a porch way cool,
Sunlight, I see, dying fast,

Ans:  Twilight hastens on to rule.
         Working hours have well-nigh past.

B) Read the extract and write as per the instruction given follow. (4)

'Again would your lordship a moment suppose,            
('Tis a case that has happened, and may be again)
That the visage or countenance had not a Nose,            
Pray who would, or who could, wear spectacles then?

'On the whole it appears, and my argument shows,
With a reasoning the court will never condemn,
That the spectacles plainly were made for the Nose,
And the Nose was as plainly intended for them.'

Then shifting his side, as a lawyer knows how,
He pleaded again in behalf of the Eyes:
But what were his arguments few people know,
For the court did not think they were equally wise,

So his lordship decreed with a grave solemn tone,
Decisive and clear, without one if or but-
That, whenever the Nose put his spectacles on,
By daylight or candlelight-Eyes should be shut!

Write an appreciation of the poem considering the following points:-
1) Theme of the poem           
2) Poetic devices used in the poem
3) Special Features                
4) Message of the poem

SECTION III – Writing Skills

Q.4 Complete the activities as per the instructions given below.  (16)

A) Letter / E- mail

A1) Write an application to the Principal of your Junior college to grant concession in fees.

Name : Kiran Patil,  Reason : Unable to pay complete
 fees, Request concession


  A2) Write an e mail to the Municipal Commissioner of your city requesting him to take urgent action against bad condition of roads.
e- mail address:,
Give  condition of roads, Expect quick action.

Use the following template to write e- mail.

B) Film Review OR Blog Writing OR Expansion of Idea (Write any one)   (4)

B1)  Write a review of any film you have seen recently in about 100 to 150 words.                                                                                                                      
Use the following points:-
a) Story line                                        
b) Characters/Performance              
c) Conflict/Special features               
d) Your opinion about the film


B2) Write a blog post in a proper format on the following topic in about 100 to 150 words.
Topic:- 'Health and Fitness'  
Use the following point:-
Explain the term, give ways to improve the fitness, give importance of health and fitness, add your own points.

Use the following template to write a blog post.


B3) Expand the idea inherent in the following proverbs.
“One should eat to live, not live to eat” – Franklin

Use the following points:-
Explain the proverb, Give examples, Give message in the proverb.

C) Leaflet OR Appeal OR Counter View OR Report (Write any one)                                (4)

C1) Write a leaflet on Yoga Class considering the following points:-

1) Persuasive appeal              
2) Courses                  
3) Duration                 
4) Fees


C2) Imagine that you are a member of Horizon Club, M.I.D.C, Station Road, Pune. Prepare an appeal for making the public aware of ‘Saving our Environment’

Use the following points:-
1) Prepare an attractive slogan.
2) Make a persuasive appeal.
3) Give information about the different programme.
4) Ask for contribution.


C3) Prepare a paragraph to be used for the counter view section on the following topic.
            ‘Science is a curse to Human Beings’
You can take the help of following points included in the view section.

View:-  ‘Science is Blessing to Human Beings’
Ø  It has helped man to make progress in many areas.
Ø  It has given man many facilities.
Ø  It increases the efficiency and speed of man.
Ø  It made man powerful in this universe.
Ø  It increases life span of man.


C4) Your college celebrated ‘Environment Day’. Write a report of this celebration using the following points.

Ø  Day and date of the celebration.
Ø  Arrangement 
Ø  Environment pledge
Ø  Activities conducted on the day.

D) Speech OR Compering script OR Dialogue OR Interview Questions                            (4)

D1) Prepare a speech on ‘Water Conservation’

Use the following points:-
1) Proper beginning
2) Give benefits of water conservation
3) Main body
4) Ending
D2) Imagine that you are a compere of a ‘Teachers Day Celebration’ of your college. Write a script of the same. You can take help of the following points.

1) Introduction
2) Welcome speech and felicitation
3) Lighting the lamp
4) Main events and vote of thanks
D3) Prepare a dialogue between you and S.T.inquiry Clark for bus timing and fare.

Use the following hints:-
Introductory dialogues, bus schedule, shortest way, availability of reservation, bus fare, concluding dialogues.

D4) You are a class representative and you are assigned by the principal of your college to conduct an interview of a Doctor. Frame questions for this interview.

Use the following points:-
1) Introduction
2) Opening question
3) Main body
4) Concluding questions
5) Summing up

   Section IV – Drama


A) History of English Drama    (4)

A1) Write any four features of one act play. (2)

  • The story must revolve around, or focus on one event.
  • The action of the play should move fairly quickly. ...
  • The conflict should be clear to the audience. ...
  • The characters should be limited to two to seven, with one clear main character

A2) Describe the following terms in one sentence. (2)
1) Stage Directions
2) Monologue
3) Theme
4) Soliloquy


B) Drama - The Rising of the Moon  (4)

B1. Describe the theme of play – ‘The Rising of the Moon’.   (2)

B2. Write character traits of the following characters.              (2)
1) Sergeant     2) Prisoner                                                     

C) Drama - A Midsummer – Night’s Dream (4)

C1. Correct the sentence with justification. ‘The play is restricted to only a part of the Woods.’ (2)

C2. Justify : ‘A Midsummer Night Dream’ is  a comedy of errors. (2)

D) Drama - An Enemy of the People (4)

D1. Describe the place where the incidents of the play happened.       (2)

D2. Narrate the climax scene of the drama- An Enemy of the People. (2)



Sr. No.
Name of the section
Marks with options
Writing Skill


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