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Education: 5th and 8th Grade Annual Re-examination: Retention Policy for Students Failing in the Same Class | Exam Helper

Maharashtra Education News,Education News,Class 5,Class 8,Education,Exam

Maharashtra Education News,Education News,Class 5,Class 8,Education,Exam

: The format for the annual examination, encompassing oral, practical, and written components, has been finalized for STD 5th and STD 8th. In the event of failing the examination, a re-examination will be arranged with additional guidance.

However, if a student continues to fall short, they will be retained in the same class. This modification will take effect from the academic year 2023-24.

The examination will be graded on a scale of 50 to 60 marks for each subject in both grades. The subjects covered include Language, Mathematics, and Local Studies. Quantitative assessment will align with the current practices for other subjects, such as arts and work experience. The annual examination for classes V and VIII is scheduled at the conclusion of the second semester, i.e., in April, with results declared simultaneously with other classes. A minimum of 35% marks is required to pass.

Since 2010, Maharashtra has implemented a consistent and comprehensive assessment system up to class VIII under the Right to Education Act. Consequently, the practice of evaluating students solely through a single annual examination was discontinued. However, recognizing a decline in educational quality, it was decided to reintroduce the annual examination for the fifth and eighth grades.

Re-examination will adhere to the original exam format. Concessionary marks will be granted if a student fails, and if failure persists in one or more subjects, a re-examination will follow. Supplementary guidance will be provided to students for this re-exam, conducted in the second week of June, except for Vidarbha. Successful completion of the 5th-grade exam is mandatory for admission to classes 6th through 8th.

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