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Std. XI - Biology Second Term Exam ( Based 2024 New Format ) - Exam Helper

Std. XI - Biology Second Term Exam ( Based 2022 New Format ) - Exam Helper,Biology Second Term Exam
Std. XI - Biology Second Term Exam  ( Based 2022 New Format ) - Exam Helper,Biology Second Term Exam

Subject - Biology

Class -11th Science

Time 3Hrs  ---  Marks -70


Que. 1] Select and write the correct answer                                  (10 M)

 i)  Corolloid root of cycas shows association with__________

a) Blue green algae  b) Bacteria

c) Fungal hyphae    d) Corals

ii)   __________is a site for various metabolic activities taking place in a cell

a) Mitochondria     b) Nucleus

c) Cell envelope     d) Cytoplasm

iii)    Synapsis is pairing of __________

a) Any two chromosomes    b) Non-homologous chromosomes

b) sister chromatids               d) homologous chromosomes

iv)   Which of the following is not required for Hill reaction?

a) Sunlight    b) chlorophyll

c) Water        d) Carbon dioxide

v)   Spindle apparatus is formed during which stage of mitosis?

a) Prophase      b) Metaphase

c) Anaphase    d) Telophase

vi)  Plasma Membrane is __________

a) Selectively permeable      b) permeable 

c) Impermeable                    d) Semipermeable

vii)  Notochord is absent in the group is __________

a) Hemichordata         b) Chordata

c) Cephalochordata    d) Urochordata


viii)    Organs Bojanus' is Characteristic Feature of  __________

a) Porifera                      b) Mollusca

c) Platyhelminthes         d) Hemichordata 

ix)    Causative agent of red tide is __________

 a) Dinoflagellate      b) Euglenoid

c) Chrysophyte        d) Lichen

x)   The aquatic pteridophyte is __________

a) Adiantum     b) Equisetum

c) Azolla           d) Lycopodium

Que. 2)  Answer the following            (08 M)

i)      Which cell organelles are commonly called suicidal bags ? 

ii)                  What are crossing over ?

iii)                Whats is photophosphorylation?

iv)                Which organisms are commonly termed as phytoplanktons ?

v)                  Name the worm that causes filaria?

vi)                What are the different respiratory organs in phylum Arthropoda ?

vii)              Define Catabolism?

viii)            What are phanerogams?


Attemt Any Eight                                         (16 M )

Q.3) Distinguish between Prokaryotic cell and Eukaryotic cell

Q.4) Why Bryophyta are called Amphibians plant?

Q.5) What are the Postulates of modern cell theory?

Q. 6- Why is mistosis called an Equational division?

Q. 7-What role do the accessory Pigments play during Photosynthesis?

Q. 8-What are the basic Principle of life?

Q.9-What are the characteristics of Anaphase?

Q. 10-Distinguish between Aerobic and anaerobic respiration ?

Q 11-Sketch and label the diagram of L.S of Kidney

Q. 12-Explain bilateral symmetry and Radial symmetry

Q. 13-Draw neat and labeled diagram of Spirogyra

Q. 14 Distinguish between Kingdon Plantae and kingdom Animalia.

Section- C

Attemt Any Eight                                       (24 M )


Q 15 -  Write a note on Lichens.

Q. 16 - Draw neat and labeled diagram of Chloroplast.

Q. 17 - Distinguish between Light reaction and Dark reaction.

Q. 18 - Give schematic Representation of Glycolysis.

Q. 19 - Explain the structure of Mitochondria.

Q. 20 - Enlist the general characters of pteridophyta with two examples.

Q 21 - Write a note an Ammonotelism.

Q. 22 - Explain the Characteristics of Phylum Hemichordata.

Q 23 - Write a note an Amphibia.

Q. 24 - Define Melosis? Give Significance of melosis.

Q. 25 - What are the salient features of Kingdom Protista ?

Q. 26 - Explain Structure of Golgi complex.


Section- D

Attemt Any Three                                     (12 M )


Q. 27- Explain the mechanism of hotorespiration.

Q. 28- Enlist the different Stages of Prophase-I.

Q. 29- Explain the Characteristics of Phylum Echinodermata.

Q. 30- Describe calvin cycle (C Pathway).

Q. 31- Explain Ureotelism and Uricotelism.


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