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Write an Appeal Writing : Based September 2021 Board Exam - Exam Helper

English,Grammer,Appeal Writing,Exam,HSC 2021 Exam,EnglishXI,EnglishXII
English,Grammer,Appeal Writing,Exam,HSC 2021 Exam,EnglishXI,EnglishXII,
Appeal Writing - Board Based 2021

Write an Appeal :- September 2021 Board Exam:

Q. Your college has organised a cycle rally to make people aware to save paper and save trees. Prepare an 'Appeal' on the topic 'Save Paper, Save Trees' with the help of the following points in about 100/150 words:

  • Convincing appeal
  • Need
  • Information/Facts
  • Famous personality/Guest
  • Venue, date and time
Q. Answer:

Save Paper! Save Trees!

Trees are our best friends!

We have to cut trees to make paper.

So to save trees, we have to save paper.

Do you agree with this?

If yes, do join to our campaign.

We have arranged a cycle rally.

We want to make people aware to save paper and save trees.

A large number of trees are cut every day to make paper.

We can reduce this cutting of trees.

We have to use paper carefully.

We can save paper using the following tips:

1) Use paper only when there is necessity of written proof.

2) Reuse the paper, if possible.

3) Avoid taking unnecessary photo copies of documents.

4) Use digital documents as a proof.

5) Use pdf or photos of documents.

6) Use ‘e-mail’ instead of letters.

7) Use digital locker to preserve the documents.

8) Use both sides of pages, if essential.

9) Make children aware for saving paper.

10) Recycle the used paper to make a new one.

If there is less demand of paper, tress will be saved.

Join our rally and make people aware about saving paper and trees.

Come one. Come all.

Do join us on 21st January at 10 a.m.

Bring your Cycle and join the rally.

For more information:



Exam Helper Group,  Chandrapur

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