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Std. 11th (Poetry) - 2.4 Upon Westminster Bridge ( Question & Answer ) - Exam Helper

EnglishXI,Poetry,Exam,Upon Westminster Bridge,Std. 11th (Poetry) - 2.4 Upon Westminster Bridge ( Qestion & Answer ) - Exam Helper

The Poet: William Wordsworth

He was born on April 7, 1770. He was a major English Romantic poet. He was honoured as ‘Poet Laureate’ of the United Kingdom in the court of Queen Victoria.

He is a leading English Nature poet. His collection of poetry ‘Lyrical Ballads’ is considered as the central work of Romantic Literary theory.

The Title:  Upon the Westminster Bridge

The title ‘Upon the Westminster Bridge’ tells us that the poet is standing on the bridge. The poet William Wordsworth sees various scenes surrounding the bridge. He describes  London as a beautiful city clothed in the morning sunlight with its ships, towers, domes, theatres, temples, and river. The calmness and quietness of the morning scene impressed him deeply and it is the source of the poem. 

Ice Breaker Activities:

1) A bridge connects people at either sides of a river or valleys in cities or villages. Discuss with your partner the importance of a bridge to both- the cities and the villages and complete the table.




i) Connects two banks. Easy access to different areas of the city.

i) Enables residents to have all season access to both sides.

ii) To by-pass traffic to avoid traffic jam.

ii) Easy movement of farm material and products.

iii) Easy movement of goods.

iii) Saves time of travel.

iv) Connects people in different communities.

iv) Village children can attend school, if present at the other side of the bridge.

v) Enable consumers to travel to shops and malls.

v) Enable to carry heavy loads easily and quickly to other side.

vi) Helps to view new areas as tourists. Gives chance to enjoy site seeing standing on the bridge.

vi) Helps to interact other communities for work or help.

2) Building a bridge needs careful planning. Think about what goes on before the actual construction begins.


1) Proper planning

2) Search for location to build the bridge.

3) Taking permissions and completion of paperwork.

4) Cost Estimation.

5) Storing construction materials.

6) Selection of the type of foundation.

7) Redirecting the traffic to other roads.

8) Implementation on the plan given by the architect.

9) Suitable construction work.

10) Proper supervision.

3) You might have visited a bridge. Complete the web describing the sights you could see from the bridge.


River, Trees, Boats

Clean sky, stars

City lights, roads

Sunset, Sunrise, Moonlight

Sights that can

be seen from a


Mountain, hill, gardens, bank of the river

City buildings, vehicles, crowd

Birds, fish, swimmers, cleaning persons.

Reflection of bridge, trees, buildings in river water.

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