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Gondwana University's public protest! Gondwana University should consider Students and take Winter Exams Online | Exam Helper

Gondwana University Winter Exams Offline,Education,Gondwana-University,

Gondwana University Winter Exams Offline,Education,Gondwana-University,
Shyam Bobade Bhajyumo Mahanagar Chandrapur

Chandrapur / Gadchiroli:
- Gondwana University today announced through newspapers that the winter examination will be conducted according to the offline MCQ ( Gondwana University Winter Exams Offline ) system and 1 lakh 38 thousand students will appear for the examination. However, the syllabus has not been completed by any of the colleges yet, along with the manner in which the offline classes are conducted. 100% students are not present in it. The university has started functioning arbitrarily regardless of which student class. ( Gondwana University Winter Exams Offline ) 

Bus services have not been resumed as the strike has not been called off. A deadly virus like Omicron is spreading rapidly. Traveling by private vehicle is not affordable for students. As the syllabus is incomplete, no notes were received by the students. How to take the exam? Who is responsible for increasing the prevalence of Covid and Omicron in offline exams? Who is responsible for the delay in traveling? Is Gondwana University perpetuating the tradition of harassing students?

Many such questions are being raised. Shyam Bobade Bhajyumo Mahanagar Chandrapur has demanded that Gondwana University should conduct winter exams online with students in mind.

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