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Std. XI - First Unit Test Question & Answer - Exam Helper

Std. XI - First Unit Test Question & Answer
Std. XI - Unit Test No. 1 
Marks - 25 
Time - 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Std. XI  Unit Test No. 1  Marks: 25


Q.1. Read the extract and complete the activities.  (13)
What in the world are you going to do now, Jo?" asked Meg one snowy afternoon, as her sister came tramping through the hall, in rubber boots, old sack, and hood, with a broom in one hand and a shovel in the other.
"Going out for exercise," answered Jo with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.
"I should think two long walks this morning would have been enough! It's cold and dull out, and I advise you to stay warm and dry by the fire, as I do," said Meg with a shiver.
"Never take advice! Can't keep still all day, and not being a pussycat, I don't like to doze by the fire. I like adventures, and I'm going to find some."
Meg went back to toast her feet and read Ivanhoe, and Jo began to dig paths with great energy. The snow was light, and with her broom she soon swept a path all-round the garden, for Beth to walk in when the sun came out and the invalid dolls needed air. Now, the garden separated the Marches' house from that of Mr. Laurence. Both stood in a suburb of the city, which was still country like, with groves and lawns, large gardens, and quiet streets. A low hedge parted the two estates. On one side was an old, brown house, looking rather bare and shabby, robbed of the vines that in summer covered its walls and the flowers, which then surrounded it. On the other side was a stately stone mansion, plainly betokening every sort of comfort and luxury, from the big coach house and well–kept grounds to the conservatory and the glimpses of lovely things one caught between the rich curtains.
Yet it seemed a lonely, lifeless sort of house, for no children frolicked on the lawn, no motherly face ever smiled at the windows, and few people went in and out, except the old gentleman and his grandson.
To Jo's lively fancy, this fine house seemed a kind of enchanted palace, full of splendors and delights which no one enjoyed. She had long wanted to behold these hidden glories, and to know the Laurence boy, who looked as if he would like to be known, if he only knew how to begin. Since the party, she had been more eager than ever, and had planned many ways of making friends with him, but he had not been seen lately, and Jo began to think he had gone away, when she one day spied a brown face at an upper window, looking wistfully down into their garden, where Beth and Amy were snow–balling one another.
"That boy is suffering for society and fun," she said to herself. "His grandpa does not know what's good for him, and keeps him shut up all alone. He needs a party of jolly boys to play with, or somebody young and lively. I've a great mind to go over and tell the old gentleman so!"
A1. True or False     (2)
State whether the following statements are true or false.
1) The outside atmosphere was cold and dull.
2) Meg was writing a novel.
3) Beth and Amy were playing snow ball throwing.
4) Laurie was isolated and needed to be socialized.

A2. Describe (2)
Describe the house of Mr. Laurence.

A3. Analysis  (2)
“That boy is suffering for society and fun.”
(Guess the meaning of this statement.)

A4. Personal Response    (2)
If you see someone lonely or sad you will-------
a) --------------------------------------------------

A5. Grammar      (3)
1) A low hedge parted the two estates.
(Begin the sentence with the words ‘the two estates’)

2) Meg went back to toast her feet and read Ivanhoe, and Jo began to dig paths with great energy.
(Make complex sentence)

            3) "Going out for exercise," answered Jo with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.
                        (Make indirect speech)

A6. Vocabulary   (2)
Match the words given in ‘A’ with their meanings given in ‘B’.

                           A                    B
               1) sacque             a) dirty
               2) doze                b) short jacket
               3) wistfully         c) nap
               4) shabby            d) longingly

Q.2 Read the extract and complete the activities that follow.  (08)
Eight years have passed
Since I placed my cherry seed in the grass.
“Must have a tree of my own,” I said,
And watered it once and went to bed
And forgot; but cherries have a way of growing,
Though no one's caring very much or knowing.
And suddenly that summer near the end of May,
I found a tree had come to stay.
It was very small, five months child,
Lost in the tall grass running wild.
Goats ate the leaves, the grass cutter scythe
Split it apart and a monsoon blight
Shrivelled the slender stem...... Even so,
Next spring I watched three new shoots grow,
The young tree struggle, upward thrust
Its arms in a fresh fierce lust

A1. Complete the information   (2)
1) The thought which prompted the poet to plant the cherry seed is --------

2) The threats for the cherry tree are- 1)-----------2)----------3)----------

A.2 Poetic device    (2)
Find out examples from the poem:
1) Alliteration
2) Antithesis

A3. Interpretation     (2)
The young tree struggle, upward thrust
Its arms in a fresh fierce lust
            (Explain these lines)

A4. Poetic creativity    (2)
Compose four poetic lines describing any your childhood experience.

Q.3. Write any one of the following    (4)

Narration      (4)
Narrate in 100 words an incident, that illustrates the way a friend of yours ‘made you feel happy and accepted’, at some point in your life.
Letter Writing   (4)
Write a letter to your principal requesting him to give a bona fide certificate.
                     (Use e mail format / block letter format / Entire text must be left aligned)


Expected Answers

1) True
2) False
3) True
4) True

The house of Mr. Laurence was a stately stone mansion having every sort of comfort and luxury. It was a big coach house with well-kept grounds, conservatory and lovely things that could be seen through rich curtains. Yet it seemed a lonely and lifeless sort of house.

“That boy is suffering for society and fun.” The statement means Laurie was isolated from the society and friends. He was sad as he couldn’t join in the fun that the young generation enjoying. So Jo desired to give him the comfort of social contacts and friendlier atmosphere. It would make him happy.

If I see someone lonely or sad I will ask the reason of it and try to make friendship with him or her to give him or her happy atmosphere.

1) The two estates were parted by hedge.
2) When Meg went back to toast her feet and read Ivanhoe, Jo began to dig paths with great energy.
3) Jo answered with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes that she was going out for exercise.

1) sacque         :-          short jacket
2) doze             :-          nap
3) wistfully      :-          longingly
4) shabby         :-          dirty

1) The thought which prompted the poet to plant the cherry seed is to have his own plant.

2) The threats for the cherry tree are---- 1) goat 2) grass cutter3) heavy rain fall

1) Since I placed my cherry seed in the grass.
            The sound of letter ‘s’ is repeated.

2) but cherries have a way of growing,
Though no one's caring very much or knowing. : Opposite idea of growing without caring is seen in the line.

The small cherry tree struggles with the grass for getting sunlight and air. For this the cherry tree goes upward using its strength. Its branches become aggressive with strong desire to get needed things.

I decided to plant a tree.
            But it was not easy to do it.
            I didn’t have a place to plant.
            I was living in an apartment.
            It had no courtyard.
            So I bought plastic trees.
            They had no need to give water and soil.
            But they also didn’t have soul and growth.

            I never forget the incident of my life when I was totally depressed and lost all the hopes. It happened in the tenth standard first term exam. I did not pay attention to my studies. I wasted my valuable time in worthless activities. I spent my time with the outsider elder students. We went to see films in the theatre. I also went to wandering in many places bunking the lectures. I liked their company as they behaved like tom boy and didn’t care the world.  My father was transferred in another district and came only once a month. My mother couldn’t notice my changed behaviour as I told her many fake stories. In the first term exam, I was not able to write correct answers. So the inevitable happened. I get almost zero marks in most of the subjects. I realized my mistake. My parents were really surprised and they scolded me. They stopped speaking with me.
            In such depressed mood my class friend Tushar came to meet me. He knew everything. I repented over my folly. He consoled me. He advised me to make efforts to change the situation. He gave belief to my parents that he could handle the situation. He came daily to my house. He studied with me every day. He gave confidence to me. He cleared all my difficulties in my study. He behaved so kindly that I overcame from that situation. In the prelim exam I got very good marks. I made my parents happy. My teachers also surprised seeing the change in me. They appreciated me. Indeed my friend did such a great work that he made me feel happy and accepted with his well-timed help.

Letter Writing

Plot No.20
Ram Nagar,
M.G. Road,
21st  Feb., 2019
The Principal,
Rashtriya Jr.College,
Subject: Application for issuing a bona fide certificate.
Applicant: X.Y.Z.
Respected Sir,
I am X.Y.Z. I am a regular student of your college. I am studying in Class XII, Division “B’. I am writing this letter for issuing me a bona fide certificate.
Presently, I am coming from a village which is 12 k.m. away from the college. So I have to travel by MSRTC bus. The MSRTC is giving a concession of 50% bus fare to the students. I want to take the monthly bus fare concession pass. To get this concession pass, I need a bona fide certificate showing my birth date.
So I request you to give me a bona fide certificate as soon as possible. Thanking you.
Yours faithfully,
1) Photo copy of leaving certificate.

2) Photo copy of Identity card.

Written by : Prof. Tushar Chavan

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